April 20, 2019

Difference and benefits of lace frontal and full lace wig

Shopping for lace wigs can truly be a fascinating experience, but you need the right information to make an incredible choice. To do that, the first thing you must realize is that there are primarily two types of lace wigs – lace frontal wigs and full lace wigs. In this article, we will be looking at their differences and benefits, so let’s get started.

What is lace frontal wig?

A lace frontal wig is a unique type of hairpiece in which human hair is tied by hand to the back wig which goes over the scalp. A lace frontal wig could be human hair or synthetic hair, but it is usually 3-inches wide at the frontal while the rear locks are made to look like strips of material. The lace frontal wig allows you to choose a hairline since the lace is only in the front half of the wig so you can part the hair anyhow you want. Lace frontal wigs are usually attached at the front with the help of an adhesive while you can tighten the back with straps and also comb the sides.


  • They give the wearer a hairline that looks natural
  • They’re more affordable compared to a full lace wig


  • A lace frontal wig doesn’t have lace around the back which makes it impossible to put it on in a high ponytail
  • You can’t part a lace frontal wig as you wish, making it a wrong choice if you want something like a twist out

What is a full lace wig?

As the name suggests, a full lace wig is made on a full-face cap, and it gives you the versatility to style and part it in any way you desire. Although you will need to cut the lace around the unit just like lace frontal wig, it’s quite different because it looks more real when you wear them since it is a full hand-made wig.


  • It offers more versatility as you can style it in any way and also part it anywhere
  • Unlike a lace frontal wig, you can wear it on as a ponytail since it has lace roundabout
  • It allows for twist out
  • It lasts longer compared to a traditional wig


  • It is more expensive because of the benefits it offers

 Differences between lace frontal wig and full lace wig

  1. The materials used for the base differs as a sheer lace base is positioned only for the frontal wig while a full lace wig has a base made completely from lace which goes around the head.
  2. In terms of versatility, you can style and part a lace frontal wig, but a full lace wig offers more versatility as you can style it into many hairstyles like high ponytails.
  3. A full lace wig costs more than a lace frontal wig, but it’s worth the money because it lasts longer than lace frontal wigs.
  4. If you want to have a fabulous first-time experience at wearing wigs, a lace frontal wig is your best bet as full lace wigs are not so easy to wear.

Finally, both the lace frontal wig and full lace wig look beautiful. However full lace wig offers more versatility as you can style it into many hairstyles.

Oyin Adeleye

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