September 13, 2018


Hair loss is a problem that is being faced by men and women everywhere. For women, it is much more difficult because of the common concepts associated with female hair by society.

In ancient African culture, thick hair is associated with fertility and prosperity. Even today, thick hair is considered to be a sign of good health and attractiveness. Thus, thinning hair due to hair loss is particularly hard for women who care and value their appearance.

Hair loss can be caused by a variety of symptoms: stress, ageing, overexposure to heat and chemicals, certain medications, etc. Most women expose their hair to heat and chemicals because of the nature of their hair. In trying to maintain a well-groomed and polished appearance, some women subject their hair to harsh processes, leaving them with hair loss.

To conquer hair loss while protecting your natural hair, Natural Bad Girl offers an easy solution with its line of authentic handmade braided wigs from Africa. These wigs allow you to be bad, bold and beautiful every day without subjecting your natural hair to heat or chemicals.

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Oyin Adeleye

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