November 29, 2018

How to pick out the perfect wig.

Sometimes, all you need is the perfect fully braided lace wig to improve your mood. As women, we are always in search of the trendiest style to rock.

When looking for that look, most of us need something that’s fierce and easy to manage. Most importantly, we want a look that won’t leave our bank accounts on “E”.

Our advice? Buy braided lace front wigs, handmade and unprocessed. You are guaranteed quality and durability. Once you get a braided lace wig from our NBG wig shop, we know you’ll come back for more!

If you’re a first time buyer, go for neutral colors or a color that you’re familiar with before you try bolder more daring colors like our blonde braided wig. This will help you get to know your style and preference.

You can always play around with different hair lengths like our million braids wig that comes in lengths of 10-26 inches. Some people prefer short and others prefer long. Start with a length you’re comfortable with. Eventually, get one of each length so that you can switch it up as often as you like.

Our braided wigs come in a variety of cap options like the lace frontal closure and the full lace wig cap. Depending on your preference, each cap will fit your needs. You also have the option of custom made wigs. They are crafted just for you, what’s better than that?!

With all that said, we’re sure you can picture yourself in an NBG wig right now!

Go ahead and go shopping for your new NBG wig. We know you’ll thank us later!

Oyin Adeleye

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