January 15, 2019

How to really love your hair: 4 ways

Have you ever been at the mall, coffee shop or driving to work and a lady passes you by with a mane full of healthy black hair, no shedding, or patches at the hairline just good hair? And you stop to wonder what you did to the hair gods?

I’m sure we can all relate, because at one point or other we have experienced hair loss due to our ill informed hair choices. It could either be due to exposing our hair to too much heat, weaves that basically weaken your hair at the root or those damn braids.

Let’s face it Natural is in. But maintaining that look everyday can be a really dicy affair.

The best way to protect your hair while growing it back is by getting the perfect protective hairstyle.

Our go to is handmade braids on a wig and here’s why:

  • You get a new fresh look everyday.
  • You can take it off and give your hair a breather whenever you would like.
  • Don’t worry about hair spray smells and oils because you can wash and dry it. (No extra care needed as long as you keep your wig clean and smelling fresh you are good to go.)
  • A braided wig is a woman’s best friend, because bad hair days don’t take care of themselves. Right?

Good hair takes time but it’s worth the wait.


Oyin Adeleye

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