November 01, 2018

3 ways to slay in your Million Braids Wig!

It only takes minutes to style our braided hair wigs. Get these gorgeous braided wigs for African American and rock them in threes.

There are those days when you’re feeling casual and Bad; you just want to kick back and relax and let your African braids down as you run your errands or work out in style. Our million braids wigs come with an adjustable braided wig cap that leaves you feeling comfortable and free all day long.

When you want to show up and show off, a simple braided pigtail wig look, flowing down past the nape of your neck to the end of the fully braided wigs will surely accentuate your features front and back. This is a Bold African braids style that will get you the attention you deserve.

Wink wink.

And for effortless beauty, be mysterious and Beautiful with side loose twist cornrows for a day and night look.

Make sure to also try our french braid wigs when wearing our Million Braids collection. To create a braided pigtail wig hairstyle, just divide the braids into two and then take the outer strands from each side and pass them onto the other side. Need a better explanation? I don’t blame you! Click here to watch a YouTube tutorial on how to make a braided pigtail wig hairstyle and be sure to watch to the end.

If you're feeling adventurous and are craving a new look, our synthetic braided lace front wigs can be dyed, cut, washed, and worn on the go.

Our braided hair wigs give you the freedom to be YOU, whichever way you’d like. What's better than that?

Oyin Adeleye

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