November 08, 2018

Nigerian Braided wigs: A Brief History

Raise your hand if you need a new million braids wig!

Did you know that the beauty and hair industry is a billion dollar market in Africa?

African women spend a ton of money every year on hair. This has made the beauty industry booming with business and busting with daily trends.

The west African giant, Nigeria, is the biggest spender on hair in Africa! Boasting of an expenditure of over $400 million, the beauty industry here is rife and lucrative with hair products to sell.

The Nigerian braided wigs emerged due to the fast changing trends and demands for a different look every day for the modern African woman. Nigerian hairstylists make a killing from this handmade craft; and despite it being in the market for only 2 years, it has earned a major share of the hair market both in Africa and on the global stage.

A trending hairstyle sought after by most Nigerian women, the braids on a wig are made locally by hand and are just like braided hair, which is blended perfectly with existing African women hairstyles.

Keep up with this evolving trend and get yourself a versatile wig that will serve you for longer, protect your hair and leave you feeling bad, bold and beautiful.

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Oyin Adeleye

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