January 10, 2019

The Natured Woman

Every woman loves her hair, be it in a short tapered cut or you just want to grow your hair, or you have suffered hair loss and you’re looking for the perfect protective hairstyle to grow back your edges right?

Either way you always want to look your most beautiful, authentic and natural self.

This is what we are all about at NBGHair. Bad, Bold and Beautiful all wrapped in one wig. Have you ever worn a million braid wig? Would you like to try out one? Worried about how you would look? Will I look the same? Is it too heavy? Will the braided wig look natural?

Most certainly YES! Our premium braids are handmade, with caps to fit your head size, very light to wear(you won’t even notice you are wearing a braided wig), so many colors to choose from, and they are so versatile you can wash, hang, dye and dry them.

Imagine such a braided wig  treasure!

Oyin Adeleye

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