December 11, 2018

Ways to manage Hair loss the NBG way!

It’s important to give your hair the care that it needs, but as Black women, we know that we have to take extra care of our hair with every routine.

With hair growth comes hair loss and that is a hair-raising issue that women face in varying stages either by experiencing minimal or severe balding or thinning of hair.

A common cause of hair loss is applying excessive heat to hair, prolonged use of sew-ins and overstaying with braids or just having the same hairstyle on for too long. If these are some hair routines you can relate to then hair loss is paramount.

Other causes are hormonal changes and health reasons like Cancer. As women, we fully understand what a bald patch on our head can do to our confidence.

Our mission as Natural Bad Girls is to bring women braided hairstyles without the damage that traditional braids bring. Don’t compromise for a gorgeous hairstyle that causes you headaches and pain. You can now have gorgeous, luscious braids without all that.

NBG Hair seeks to let women have it all thanks to our variety of braided African American wigs. We know that every woman is naturally beautiful and our premium handmade wigs are made with love from the heart of Africa just for you.

Our braids on a wig are meant to worn, felt and enjoyed with every hairstyle you choose. Natural Bad Girls are strong, limitless and fabulous and that's why we choose only the best synthetic braids to make our wigs.
Oyin Adeleye

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