November 06, 2018


Women’s hair today has become a minimalist affair and simplicity is the name of the game. The convenience of black hair braided on the go is not only a must-have for women everywhere, but a piece of natural beauty that women can’t simply live without.

The journey of NBG started all the way in Nigeria and has evolved into a beauty secret being told to the rest of the world. Braided African American wigs , big box braids and crochet braided wigs are some of the handmade full lace braided wigs made by women for women, which makes NBG come to life through one of the most profound natural hairstyles known as braids.

The braid has evolved into a versatile masterpiece and this natural hairstyle inspiration has brought back women’s natural beauty, poise, and finesse with every wear.

Did you know that braids were and still are a unisex hairstyle in some communities in Africa? And that the type of braids done usually vary by the occasion to symbolize and showcase beauty?

For me, that’s why the braid, in any form, is my favorite hairdo. It not only enhances my natural features, but it also embodies the spirit of feminism of being Bad, Bold and Beautiful.

Oyin Adeleye

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