October 25, 2018


African wigs are the protective hairstyles of the century! But in the midst of the excitement let’s not forget the simple maintenance that your braided lace wigs need to keep them looking fresh for longer.

Yes, we know that fully braided lace front wigs have a long lifespan but that doesn't mean we go rookie and not take good care of them, right?

It’s best to use simple best braiding hair products on your braided lace wig after a good wash and dry it in a cool place so as not to leave it feeling sapped and brittle.

Choose shampoos and shiners that are not heavy with oil because they attract dust and dirt pretty easily. Don’t forget to hang your braided lace wig when you take it off, this helps maintain the full lace wigs natural style without too much modification.

Just as black hair wigs are protective hairstyles, you need to give it the same love that you give your hair and keep it away from unnecessary heat. And when you wear it, don’t forget to slay and wig it!

Oyin Adeleye

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