November 27, 2018

Wig it till you make it!

Sounds familiar? It’s an uphill battle trying to stay in tune with everything life throws at you as a woman. But you know what? There’s no such thing as having it all together. Everyday is a little step closer to the simplicity of natural imperfection.

Most women don’t like to be told how to look, what to wear or how to rock their hair! Right?! We just want to charter our own course and roll with the punches. Isn’t that the beauty of life? Can we get an Amen?

That’s why as Natural Bad Girls we are Bold, Brilliant, Free and Beautiful. All of our fully braided lace wigs are a representation of the gestational process in each stage of our mysterious lives.

Handmade for the versatile woman is the million braids wig collection. You can switch it up with our big box braids wig for the conservative yet beautiful woman. For the stylish, sexy, free and limitless woman we have the Senegalese twists.

For whoever you want to “B” for a day, a week or a lifetime, NBG Hair premium braided wigs got ya!

Oyin Adeleye

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