June 25, 2019

Wondering How to Make Your Braided Wig Rock? Read This!

In the last few years, Braided Wigs has become one of the most trendy hairstyles for women among different races and nationalities. Braided Wigs are perfect for people who love to wear long pretty braided hair even when their natural hair is short; it also offers flexibility especially to career women, who have the opportunity to change hairstyles in a wink of an eye.

Having a braided wig also gives you a lot of space for hairstyle creativity. You have the option of wearing them at whatever time you wish without spending painful hours in a hair salon. Here are different types of braided wigs and how to rock them to look unique and outstanding.

  • Micro braids/Million braids: This braided wig is perfect for people who want a minimalist braided style. It looks just like the Senegalese twist, lightweight, and easy to style. You can choose to rock this braided wig by making a center parting and allowing the braids to drop all over given our face that oval shape looks you ever desired.
  • Box Braid: Though not as lightweight as the micro braid, this classy, comfortable, and gorgeous braid can be rocked by leaving it to flow or using the tip to form donut at the back. You can also rock the box braid by having two cornrows on either side of the head with a regular or fishtail braid. This look makes you look simple and chicky.
  • Kinky Twist: Just like the Senegalese twist kinky twist braided wig is perfect for people who want to rock short hair to work that looks just like the dreadlocks. There is no need to seal or tie the end, simply rock this braided wig by allowing it to drop towards your back.
  • Senegalese Twist: This braided wig looks just like the rope twist, it is absolutely gorgeous, comfortable, and blends well with ombre and natural hair. You can choose to rock this twist by wearing them long with straight ends or short with a curled end. Some people also take time to decorate this braided wig with various types of hair accessories to make it look chicky.
  • Ghana Weave: The Ghana weave comes in cornrow at the front and single parts at the back. They also have mid, side, and full or frontal lace. You can choose to rock this hair anyhow you wish. The Ghana weave braided hair leaves you looking absolutely gorgeous

Finally, although braided wigs can be rocked in different ways and they have become every woman’s rescue, especially when it comes to meeting immediate hairstyling needs they need to be taken care of at all time. Braided wigs are more difficult to maintain then other types of wigs because these beautiful wigs might loosen if you don’t maintain them properly. For a long-lasting braided wig, ensure that you wash your wig by hand in cold water to preserve the braids, and apply conditioner to the wig before rocking your wig again.

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