Our Story

Hi! I’m Oyin.



Like you, my journey is one that is woven with tests and trials. But it is through these challenges that we are able to rise and reveal our strength and true beauty.   


I was going to be an attorney or work in the Finance industry. Growing up in Nigeria, West Africa, that was the goal of many young girls, including me. I would never have imagined being involved in the hair care industry, let alone becoming an entrepreneur in this space.


But awesome things happen when you travel 3000+ miles across the world to a place where you are now the "minority". All of a sudden you are in an unfamiliar environment where you have to cope with new scenarios and maneuver through life by yourself.


As I learned to call America my new home, I became creative with my beauty and hair needs when I saw that there weren’t that many options available in the market for someone like me.


And when my mom lost her hair due to her cancer treatment, watching it happen truly broke my heart. I knew that as a woman, losing your hair is a difficult process. More than that, there were no wig options that she could relate to that could mimic her hair texture or the hair styles she was accustomed to that formed part of her heritage.


And so, it was through this tough journey that Natural Bad Girl was born.


Natural Bad Girl was my answer to the need of women everywhere who want to have beautiful hair in an instant while staying true to their African heritage.


This is my story. I want to share it with you to inspire every girl of every age or phase in life to feel bad, bold and beautiful.


Overcoming challenges and discovering oneself during your own journey creates the ultimate Natural Bad Girl.